Describing your music

Whether I’m trying to make a Facebook page or sign up for something else online, they always ask for a description of your music.  It’s harder to do than I thought.  There are a lot of musicians who would really like to think that what they’re doing doesn’t just sit in one genre or is so unique that it hasn’t been done before.  I’m not sure that really exists anymore.  Especially in folk music.  Every folk song is built upon all the folk songs that came before it.  In fact, folk music has always been the music of the people.  No matter who those people were.  It’s based upon more or less simple chord progressions and sweet melodies.  What’s truly amazing about it is that every song, even though it might use the same chords, is absolutely unique and probably could only have been written by the person that wrote it.  No one can write your songs, only you.

I used to think that songs “came” to you, or just presented themselves and ask to be finished.  But after really spending a lot of time writing and thinking about why and how I’m writing, I now think it’s more like putting together a puzzle using all the pieces of music you’ve ever heard and loved, but in a way only you, yourself can see.  That’s what is really awesome about music.  It’s not that some song or piece of music is so unique, it’s that it’s actually kinda familiar, but new.

So, while I was cutting the lawn, where I do some of my best thinking besides the shower, I thought of a “unique” way to described my music.  Here it is:  My songs are like a massage parlor in Tijuana – there are some happy endings, but mostly if you go there, you’re just gonna feel sad.  I’m sorry, I just can’t take the describing your music thing too seriously.  I take the writing and playing as seriously as I can, but when you try to sit and write an elevator pitch about your music, to me it just feels stupid.

Broken Things EP

The Broken Things EP is here.  Had a blast making this with Ross, Rob, and Jay at Turtle Studios in Philly.


By way of introduction …

Please allow myself to introduce … myself (Austin Powers – classic stuff).  I’m Greg – aka – Closer Than Strangers.  This site is where I’m going to post all things related to my music.